Editing Services

Evaluation Services starting at $30 and Editing Services totaling $500 or less!

Below we’ve compiled a list of our highest recommended editors. All of our editors have been screened to ensure they provide quality work at an affordable price.

Rebecca Hamilton

Rebecca accepts clients on a selective, limited basis.

Genres: Paranormal Fantasy, Paranormal Myster, Paranormal Romance, Young Adult, Literary Fiction, Horror, and Dystopian Fiction. 

Credentials: Rebecca Hamilton has edited two traditionally published novels and nine indie bestsellers.

Services Offered: Substantive Editing and Line Editing or Evaluation Service.

Complete Overview: Offering suggestions to improve clarity, context, continuity, and flow. Making editorial marks for grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Critique on plot holes, logic flaws, clichés, info dumps, character/story inconsistencies. Fixing passive voice and inactive writing. Streamlining the prose to remove wordiness and overwriting. Deepening point of view through reducing filter words and resolving point of view slips. Polishing dialogue. Verb usage, Goal/Motivation/Conflict, Word choice, Enhancing description, Strengthening voice. Support for figurative language; balancing narrative, dialogue, internal monologues, and description; themes, symbolism, and plot/scene structure.

Evaluation Overview: Notes on a portion of your manuscript. Service will review what areas of writing/story need to be improved, with 1-3 examples of each “writing offense” and solutions to finding these problems and resolving these problems in your manuscript.

Rates (payment plans are also available):

Complete Service – 2 week turnaround time: $.01 a word or 6 week turnaround time: $.005 a word.

Evaluation Service – $30 per 10,000 words.

For more information and testimonials, please visit the Editing Services page on her blog.


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